Selasa, 22 April 2014

Demand Repair Insurance, Climbing Sherpa Everest Strike

Tension mounted in the base camp of Mount Everest , on Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) , after dozens of climbers from around the world were disappointed because the trekking guide sherpa or a strike .

On Friday last week , 13 people were killed and three other Sherpas are still missing after they were swept away by an avalanche in the deadliest incident in mountain elevations of 8848 meters.

Since the incident , the Sherpas requested that suspended climbing to honor their colleagues who were killed .

They also threatened to cancel all plans except the climbing begin this month revised the Nepal government insurance limits and designing a welfare fund sherpas .

Ed Marzac ( 67 ) , a retired lawyer who plans to become a U.S. citizen oldest to climb Everest , said he decided to cancel his plans after losing one of his guide .

Marzec said , the atmosphere between the climber and the guides are very rigid , even during a ceremony held in memory of the dead .

" The condition is getting worse and many young climbers who tried to convince the people to force the Sherpas in order not to cancel the climb , " Marzec said .

Meanwhile , the Sherpas gave a deadline to the government until next Monday to meet their demands .

They demanded the government to pay compensation of U.S. $ 10,000 to the families of the Sherpas who were killed , injured and no longer able to work due to the landslide incident .

The Sherpa also asked the government to pay the medical expenses of their colleagues were injured and are still lying in the hospital .

In one climbing season , a sherpa earning between 3000-6000 dollars . However , in the event of an accident , the amount of insurance money they get is very small .

More than 300 people were killed , mostly Sherpas , since the peak was first conquered Everest , Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953 .
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The relationship between the Sherpas and climbers especially from Western countries of Europe had worsened since three people got into a fight with a group of Sherpas last year .


Will North Lanes Closed Pantura 8 Months

Sipait bridge , which has been considered as the source of congestion on the North Coast Line ( coast) Pekalongan district , will be totally overhauled after Lebaran 2014. During the eight -month process of an overhaul , northern soars lanes will be closed .

" Now the project is still in the bidding process , " said Head Unit Highways Region I Central Java Province , Sumarjono , told Tempo , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 .

Sumarjono said Bridges Sipait complete overhaul to cost about Rp 26 billion . That work includes multi-year contract project ( multi-year ) from 2014 to 2015 .
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According to him , the floor will be replaced Sipait steel concrete bridge . The foundation of the bridge will also be strengthened . Sipait bridge that connects all district and Pekalongan was using orthotropic steel floor system . Based on the data of Sub Directorate of Public Communication Bridges Director General of Highways, Ministry of Public Works , the bridge was built as early as 1977 with concrete floor system . In 2010 , it replaced the concrete floor steel floor . Storey steel bridge was inaugurated in early 2011 .

Bridge deck is replaced by reason stiffness frame structure and concrete slab bridge often results in cracked bridge . However , not even four years old , which was considered a steel floor will extend the life of the bridge it was already obsolete . Segments of the steel plate on the floor of the bridge easily separated each run over by a heavy vehicle .

Bridge demolition plan Sipait welcomed residents and Pekalongan . " But if the northern lanes completely closed , traffic diversion in the south lane can cause severe congestion , " said Aulia Hakim , a resident of Village Medono , Western District of Pekalongan , Pekalongan .


Democratic Convention Not Clearly, Dahlan Remain Optimistic

Democratic Convention Not Clearly , Dahlan Remain Optimistic
Democratic Party convention continues despite the acquisition filter presidential candidate dropped his voice in the legislative elections . Although there is no clarity regarding the future results of the convention , Dahlan Iskan as one of the participants claimed to remain optimistic .

" I went along. Felt tremendous opportunity , " said Dahlan in the Ministry of Enterprise , Jakarta , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 .
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In fact, he is also optimistic to win the event. " From the first, I am optimistic because only advanced optimistic person , " the former boss of the PLN .

Previously , it was reported that in the past week , the Democratic presidential candidate of the Convention Committee held a meeting with Chairman of the Democratic , Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) in residence SBY , Puri Cikeas , Bogor . The committee asked for referrals to SBY whether the event will still take place or not .

" The Committee inquired continuity conventions convention . Kan , postponed before pileg ( legislative elections ) , " said Secretary General of the Committee of the Democratic candidates , Suaedy Marasabessy , when contacted headline .

After meeting with SBY and the Upper House Democrats , the meeting produced results : the convention persists . The committee will hold a Democratic presidential debate in late April 2014 .

" The Convention will continue with one last debate in Jakarta . Later this month , after which the results will be surveyed , " he said . ( ren )


Sabtu, 19 April 2014

Attacked, killed by recidivist Persecution 7 Prick

A recidivist cases of persecution , Corneles RS ( 45 ) , breathed his last due to being persecuted . He was attacked by 5 people his friend , Snapper aka aka E HS ( 29 ) , Toothless aka A ( 34 ) , Jarpul ( 25 ) , Eko ( 26 ) and Lupus ( 30 ) .

In these beatings , Corneles got 7 stab wounds to the head , stomach and back . The incident occurred at a rented Jarpul in the Western Cape Highway alley Break III RT 012 / 08 , Village East Housing , District Pasar Minggu , South Jakarta , Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) ago .

Sunday Market Sector Police Chief , Police Commissioner Adri Rumors Furyanto said he managed to catch 2 of the 3 suspects , namely snapper and Toothless in the Blok M , South Jakarta, when both were still asleep on Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) at around 04.00 pm .

" After a chase for 10 days , we managed to catch two suspects snapper and Toothless in Blok M area early this morning . While three other suspects remain at large and are included in the DPO Jarpul , Eko and lupus , " he said .

Adri describes the incident began when the victim was talking with the three suspects are Jarpul , Eko and Lupus in a rented house near the three suspects . But suddenly an argument between them .

" So they first get-together and drink , suddenly there is an argument for allusion to the words between them . Serve three suspects initially did not babble victim and into boarding , but the victim remains challenging and cursing the three suspects even throw stones and break down the third boarding , " he said .

Accepting the challenge noisier than the victim , the three suspects to call the other two suspects , namely snapper and Toothless , to send both of them to come to the scene . When the snapper and Toothless came , they then helped his friends beat Corneles .

The fifth suspect is known to work as a driver and helper metromini shoot 75 majors Blok M - Market on Sunday. While the victim is a grocery stall sellers .

" Actually they are familiar , perhaps triggered -talk rough and could also be affected as well as alcoholic beverages affected . , But we are still steeped in the scene because there was no alcohol at the time and found the victim had fallen , " he said .

Evidence was seized following two kitchen knives sheath , a long piece of blood-stained jeans , a T-shirt covered in blood and belongings of other victims .
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The above mentioned actions , the two suspects namely snapper and Toothless subsidiary charged under Article 338 over 17 351 KHUP subsidiary of murder with a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison .


Jumat, 18 April 2014

9 Points Results of Meeting Executive Committee PPP

United Development Party ( PPP ) held a daily meeting at the Office of the DPP on Friday, April 18, 2014 until Saturday morning . The meeting was held to menyikap internal party matter that happened recently .

The daily board meeting attended 25 PPP members . The meeting had 9 conclusions about the internal conflicts that occur .

" I wanted to convey the results of the daily board meeting the board of the party, that the presence and political speeches uimum chairman PPP , SDA on March 23 was a political step one and show political behavior over acting , " said Secretary General of PPP Romahurmuziy after a meeting on Saturday ( 19 / 4/2014 ) .
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In addition, the morale of party cadres , dropping the name of the PPP , the PPP Mukernas decision violated and PPP instruction letter no 1109/2013 on the Election of winning Daily Instruction , "

The following 9 decision generated :

1 . Whereas the presence and political speeches uimum chairman of PPP , the SDA on March 23 was a political step one and show political behavior over acting , demoralizing the party cadres , dropping the name of the PPP , the PPP Mukernas decision violated and PPP instruction letter no 1109/2013 about daily Instruction winning election

2 . Whereas until now has not determined the PPP coalition to any party and presidential candidate , as mandated rapimnas . Thus , a statement of support to the SDA Prabowo on Friday, April 18 thus null and void .

3 . Setting Rapimnas implementation of PPP on Saturday, April 19, 2014 in the presence of PPP daily board , chairman of the DPW in Indonesia and the panel chairman and chairman of the party as mandated court Mukernas 2 PPP in London in February 2014

4 . Consultative Assembly mandated the PPP branch together as a single door to the PPP party political communication and presidential candidate / running mate in building coalitions pencapresan

5 . Decree That all outstanding positions related to termination of membership and Monoarfa Monoarfa , Fadly Nurzal , Rahmat Yasin , Musyaffa Noer , Amir Uskara , and Awaludin never exist because it contradicts with AD / ART and never teradministrasi in kesekjenan , contrary to the spirit of reconciliation that decided by the Sharia Council meeting PH PPP dated 12 April 2014 in Kediri , East Java

6 . Djan Faridz That appointment as PPP waketum never exist because it contradicts the constitution AD / ART ART PPP PPP in particular article 12 .

7 . Whereas the general secretary of the PPP to reposition never existed because the decision making is done contrary to the AD / ART

8 . Provide a stern warning on Djan Faridz first as a member of the PPP to no longer act undermine the authority of the party and can no longer build political communication on behalf of the PPP in order pencapresan .

9 . Provide first warning to the SDA so as not to put himself above the party's constitution ART AD , still feel the lines AD ART constitution and principles of the party struggle .


Suspected Ferry sinks in the master steered Carousel Not

Seoul - Investigators ferry sinking accident in South Korea said, the sinking ship rudder is operated by the master . Most likely , the ship was steered by junior officers . But it 's still a guess while .

" The possibility of driving at the time of the creation of a third officer ( junior) , " said the investigator Park Jae- eok as quoted by Reuters on Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) .
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Further , Park Jae said, the likely occurrence of the master or captain in the bridge. Until now, investigators are focusing investigate the truth.

" The master of the possibility of being on the bridge ( the bridge ) , " recharge Park in persnya see .

At this time the diver of 500 people still continue to enter the cabins of the ship . Tim also able to rescue menyuplai oxygen and food to the ship. Hopefully it can be exchanged with the benefit of passengers who are still alive and trapped inside the ship.

The ship sank purpose Jeju Island on Wednesday, April 16 and mengangkun 475 people. South Korean authorities keep up this afternoon, a total of 25 people killed and 271 people are still missing, . To successfully evacuated casualties totaled 179 people. The families of the victims hope that the search can be finalized .


Kamis, 17 April 2014

Yield Cooperative Cipaganti Just Too Late

Cipaganti Cooperative Work To Persada provide feedback related to payment delays yields to investors . In his official statement to KONTAN , Cipaganti confirms that payment yields cooperative not jammed , but too late .

There are several factors that caused the delay. First , the price of coal has decreased in price since the year 2012 which led to the cooperative revenue declines .

Second , the existence of the Republic of Indonesia Law No. 4 of 2009 on mineral and coal mining regulations and Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia No. 7 of 2012 on adding value through the management of mineral and mineral purification .

" The regulation affects the prohibition of the export of mineral raw materials in the form so that mining activity has decreased , " said Cece Kadarisman , Secretary Cooperative Cipaganti Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Related to that , further Cece , it has taken a number of steps . Of whom do the investor gathering attended by about 800 people and business partners deliver recovery and stabilization plan or profit-sharing obligations to business partners .
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" Most of the business partners understand the conditions that occur and approve a plan that we submit