Kamis, 17 April 2014

Yield Cooperative Cipaganti Just Too Late

Cipaganti Cooperative Work To Persada provide feedback related to payment delays yields to investors . In his official statement to KONTAN , Cipaganti confirms that payment yields cooperative not jammed , but too late .

There are several factors that caused the delay. First , the price of coal has decreased in price since the year 2012 which led to the cooperative revenue declines .

Second , the existence of the Republic of Indonesia Law No. 4 of 2009 on mineral and coal mining regulations and Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia No. 7 of 2012 on adding value through the management of mineral and mineral purification .

" The regulation affects the prohibition of the export of mineral raw materials in the form so that mining activity has decreased , " said Cece Kadarisman , Secretary Cooperative Cipaganti Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Related to that , further Cece , it has taken a number of steps . Of whom do the investor gathering attended by about 800 people and business partners deliver recovery and stabilization plan or profit-sharing obligations to business partners .
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" Most of the business partners understand the conditions that occur and approve a plan that we submit


Selasa, 15 April 2014

31 Dead Puppies Injected in Bali

31 dog races with the price certainly reach millions of dollars , euthanized by officials of the Office of Integrated Agricultural Quarantine Working Area Gilimanuk , Jembrana , Bali , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) yesterday .

Dozens of dogs race types pomerian , siberian husky , mini pom and lecy , the quarantine officer secured when trying smuggled from Java to Bali , using the public bus on Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) morning .

" As for the two Persian cats and dozens of birds , we returned to their home areas because penanggungjawabnya clear . Dozens of dogs that we destroy , because no one came to claim as its owner , " said the Head of Supervision and Enforcement , Agriculture Quarantine Bali , Ida Bagus Eka Ludra .

Eka said , every animal is caught , it does not directly perform culling , but trying to find penanggungjawabnya .

" If the person in charge of the animal can complete the document within 24 hours of the time , usually for animal species that are prohibited from entering into Bali we return to the area of origin , " said Eka .

Especially for the 31 dogs that race , he claimed , had tried to call the names of those listed in the box container the dog, but no one wants to be responsible .

" We are not taking any chances , especially Bali was hit by an outbreak of rabies . Culling dogs so this was based on procedures , " he said .

According to Eka , since the outbreak of rabies appear , Bali designated as a rabies quarantine area , which is corroborated by the norm of the Minister of Agriculture No. 1696 of 2008 .

" In these regulations , transmitting rabies animals such as dogs , cats , monkeys , and the like , are prohibited entry into Bali for a while . Till now the law still applies , because it has not repealed , " he said .
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In addition to regulation of the Minister of Agriculture , according to him , is also against animal smuggling Bali Governor Regulation No. 88 of 2008 and Law No. 16 of 1992 .


Gold Prices Slip Rp 4 Thousand Antam

JAKARTA - The price of gold is sold by PT Aneka Tambang Tbk ( Antam ) should be decreased , after the trade yesterday stuck in Rp538.000 . In today's trading , gold production is sold to SOE Rp534.000 per gram .

Logammulia website launch , on Wednesday ( 16/04/2013 ) , the repurchase price ( buy back ) the gold production of the state -owned company , also decreased , and pegged at the price of Rp478.000 per gram .

While the price of gold is priced Rp1.028.000 2 grams or Rp514.000 per gram . Size of 2.5 grams of gold sold Rp1.275.000 per bar , with the price per gram Rp510.000 . 3 grams of gold valued Rp1.524.000 per bar , with the price per gram Rp508.000 .
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Gold size 4 grams per bar Rp2.020.000 sold , the price per gram Rp505.000 . Gold priced Rp2.525.000 5 grams per bar or Rp505.000 per gram . 10 grams of gold per bar sold Rp5.000.000 million or Rp 500,000 per gram .

25 grams of gold sold Rp12.425.000 or Rp496.000 per gram . Rp24.800.000 50 grams of gold per bar or Rp496.000 per gram . While gold is priced Rp49.550.000 size of 100 grams per bar or Rp495.500 per gram .

As for the size of 250 grams of gold , priced at Rp123.750.000 price per bar or Rp495.000 per gram . 500 grams of gold valued Rp247.300.000 per bar or Rp494.600 per gram .


Senin, 14 April 2014

Sultanate of Ternate Fight Special Region Status

TERNATE - will fight for the Sultanate of Ternate in North Maluku province ( Maluku) into a special area , because historically worthy of that status .

" In the four Malut the Sultanate of Ternate sultanate , Sultanate of Tidore , Bacan Sultanate and the Sultanate Jailolo , all of which have been around 800 years ago , " said Empress Sultan of Ternate , Nita Budi Susanti in Ternate on Monday .

Fourth sultanate in North Maluku are all still exist both in the system of government and its role as a central cultural and social development in this area , including in economic empowerment activities .

He said the fourth sultanate in North Maluku was also instrumental in the fight against colonialism , especially Portuguese , Spanish and Dutch even when led by the Sultan of Ternate Sultanate Babullah succeeded in ousting the Portuguese from the area .
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The values ​​of the four pillars of the nation , especially the Pancasila , the State and the unity of unity also has long been applied four sultanate in North Maluku long before the formation of the Republic of Indonesia ( Republic of Indonesia ) and the values ​​it until now remained alive in the livelihood of the local community .

He said the Sultanate of Ternate has prepared various steps to realize Malut be privileged area of which will hold a national seminar by presenting historians and other stakeholders to discuss the possibility of becoming a privileged area of North Maluku .

The seminar will be held a series of planned implementation Legu Gam Festival in 2015 , but before the national seminar will be too many discussions and studies are also discussing the issue .

"Members of Parliament and Members of the DPD - RI 2014 legislative election results is also given the responsibility to fight for Malut be a special area or lobby through their role in the DPR and DPD - RI , " Nita said Budi Susanti who are also Members of the House of Representatives that.


Sabtu, 12 April 2014

House Speaker: Cattle Trade Politics Unavoidable

House Speaker Marzuki Alie said , while seeing gains 9 April 2014 election , the political compromises or " horse-trading " will be unavoidable .

' Political ' horse-trading ' or compromise will occur and can not be avoided . All will be the same and may be more severe than the last election , "said Marzuki told reporters in Jakarta on Saturday .

He said the electoral results with no dominant political parties and majority coalition will make the map does not change much as in the last election . Map of the coalition will not be determined by a clear concept but only with compromises antarparpol alone .

The power of the next administration will be more volatile due to increased number of parties who qualify for the House of Representatives and buck up evenly .
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" It should be from the beginning ' parliemantary treshhold ' doubled from 2.5 percent in the 2009 elections to five per cent in the 2014 election and so on so that it can reduce the number of political parties , " he said .

Moreover, the formation of an unspecified fraction of the number of seats that each party can form a faction , it will create a map of power in the House is getting crowded .


Jumat, 11 April 2014

Syarif Hasan: We Convention Presence Evaluation

Democrats will conduct an evaluation of the implementation of the Convention Presidential candidate . This is due to the fall 2009 election -winning party votes in the legislative elections in 2014 was based on a quick count . Democrats will consider a step forward because it could not force myself to realize advance the candidate for President .

" We 're doing formal evaluation because the results pileg only 10 percent . Amount is not sufficient to carry the candidate . So where the convention will be our evaluation back , " said Chief Executive of the Democratic Party Syarif Hasan at the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs , Jakarta , Friday ( 11 / 4/2014 ) .

Syarif said his party to thank all the participants of the convention who have struggled so far . According to Syarif , this convention was made to give birth at the same Presidential candidate to help increase Democratic votes .

" However , ultimately this way . , But we remain grateful to the 10 percent . Even though it is not in accordance with the targets set , we are learning what we do going forward , " said Syarief .

Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs is said that the Democratic Party will issue a decision regarding whether or not the convention followed within 2-3 days. Syarief argue that Democrats are already preparing the candidates themselves from the outset that the convention only to increase the party vote .
" No, no . From the beginning of the convention is to give birth to a candidate, " he said .

Earlier, Chairman of the Democratic Party Yudhoyono party conceded defeat and congratulated the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , the Golkar Party and the Gerindra get sound over the Democratic Party . President also declared open Democratic coalition with anyone , including Gerindra who already have will capresnya , Prabowo .
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The statement was as impressive SBY Democrats are no longer the focus of the presidential candidates filed . Deputy Secretary General of the Democratic Party also expressed his party's Andi Nurpati now be realistic . Chairman of the Convention Committee also assesses pelaksanana Maftuh Basyuni conventions no longer play a role .


Monitoring Markets: The more expensive price Vegetables After Election

Prices of vegetables rose after the legislative elections which took place on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 . A number of vegetable price increases like onion, cabbage , carrots , tomatoes and jengkol .
One vegetable seller in PD Pasar Jaya Buncit Market , South Jakarta , Sarti ( 42 ) mentions onion rose Rp 2,000 to Rp 22 thousand per kilogram ( kg ) , cabbage rose Rp 3,000 to Rp 10 thousand per kg , carrots rose Rp 2,000 to Rp 14 thousand per kg , tomato rose Rp 2,000 to Rp 10 thousand per kg , and jengkol rose from Rp 2,000 to Rp 35 thousand per kg .

" On average the increase of Rp 2,000 per kg , that of fitting nyoblos rise yesterday , " he said while talking to Liputan6.com in Jakarta , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) .
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Meanwhile , for the price of basic commodities are relatively more stable . The increase occurred only at the price of cooking oil from Rp 12 thousand to Rp 13 thousand per kg . While other basic commodities experienced price declines occurred in peanuts from Rp 15 thousand to Rp 13,500 per kg .

" Groceries are relatively stable , rising only most cooking oil , it was not much . Maybe because supplies are again lacking , " said Sartono ( 40 ) , one of the basic food traders in that market .

Here are some prices of vegetables and essential supplies is based on the observation Liputan6.com :

Red chili Rp 80 thousand per kg
Curly red chili Rp 27 thousand per kg
Green chili Rp 40 thousand per kg
Large red chili Rp 35 thousand per kg
Onions Rp 35 thousand per kg
Col. Rp 8,000 per kg
Cucumber Rp 7,000 per kg
Big carrot Rp 14 thousand per kg
Carrots were Rp 10 thousand per kg
Chives Rp 10 thousand per kg
Celery leaves Rp 10 thousand per kg
Tomato Rp 10 thousand per kg
Potato Rp 12 thousand per kg
Red onion Rp 22 thousand per kg
Garlic Rp 13 thousand per kg
Beans Rp 10 thousand per kg
Long beans 14 thousand per kg
Mustard Rp 10 thousand per kg
Pressed orange Rp 10 thousand per kg
Lemon Rp 10 thousand per kg
Orange limo Rp 20 thousand per kg
Corn was Rp 8,000 per kg
Oyong Rp 12 thousand per kg
Eggplant Rp 8,000 per kg
Jengkol Rp 35 thousand per kg
Ginger Rp 15 thousand per kg
Turmeric Rp 15 thousand per kg
Powder Rp 30 thousand per kg

Chicken Rp 32 thousand per head
Beef Rp 95 thousand per kg
Sugar Rp 11 thousand per kg
Quality rice was Rp 9,000 per liter
Good quality rice Rp 11 thousand per liter
Wheat flour Rp 6,500 per kg
Cooking oil Rp 13 thousand per kg
Chicken eggs Rp 16 thousand per kg
Brown sugar Rp 13 thousand per kg
Peanuts Rp 13,500 per kg
Coriander Rp 25 thousand per kg
Pepper Rp 120 thousand per kg
Pecan Rp 31 thousand per kg